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What is Squint ?

In normal conditions when we see an object, both eyes are fixing on it but in Squint only one eye, generally better seeing eye, fixes on the object & the other eye gets deviated either inward, outward, up or downward. This conditioning is known as Squint.

Why causes Squint ?

Commonly squints occur for reasons like -

  • Refractive (focusing) abnormality
  • Eye muscle imbalance
  • Injury to eyes.
  • Squint can become obvious after chronic illness
  • Squint can also run in families.
What is a Pseudo-Squint ?

Some babies may appear to have a squint that is not a true squint. It is called 'epicanthus' and is caused by folds of skin on a wide nose. Epicanthus does not exclude the possibility of a squint being present and so you should always seek an expert opinion.

What are the treatment options for Squint ?

Some types can be removed at the early stage by exercises & proper glasses. Some may need special prismatic glasses & some may require surgical correction. Generally Squint will be managed or treated by one of the modalities of treatment -

  • Optics (Spectacles)
  • Occlusion
  • Orthoptics
  • Surgery
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