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Facilities & Recognition


Recognizing the commitment behind the services provided its infrastructure, Mukherjee Eye Klinik is approved by the Directorate General Health Services, Ministry of Health, New Delhi India as -

1. Registered Nursing Home
2. Organ (Cornea) Transplant Centre

Mukherjee Eye Klinik is periodically inspected by personnel of the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, New Delhi India.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee recognizes Mukherjee Eye Klinik as an environmentally friendly organization due to its proper methods of disposing Bio-medical Waste.

Company Empanelment

Mukherjee Eye Klinik provides packages to the employees and the families of various public and private sector companies and organization. Please CONTACT US to know if you and your family members are beneficiaries of this facility.

Medical Health Insurance

Mukherjee Eye Klinik is recognized for reimbursement of your medical bills under the Medical Health Insurance. The organization is also fully geared to organize pre-authorized CASH LESS treatment for patient enjoying these facilities.

About Our Special Facilities
Facilities & Recognition
1) Registered Nursing
2) Organ (Cornea)
    Transplant Centre
Executive Eye Checkup
Many of the eye problems can be prevented, controlled and cured if detected at an early stage.